How do genes regulate cell behaviors in normal organs and cancer?

The Wang Laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms of cell type specification, stem cell differentiation, and various cell behaviors in vivo, with a particular focus on the prostate gland. To tackle these questions, we employ multiple experimental approaches, including animal models, genetic lineage tracing, molecular and cell assays, and bioinformatic analyses. Ultimately, a better understanding in this field will facilitate prevention and treatment of diseases such as prostate cancer.

The lab is located in the Biomed building on the science hill of University of California Santa Cruz. Immersed in redwood trees, the campus overlooks the Santa Cruz City and Monterey Bay, and is an hour's drive to San Francisco.

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Lab News

2/4/2019 Lily is awarded a three-year Postdoc Traning Fellowship by the California TRDRP program.

6/1/2018 Cory successfully defended in the PhD qualifying exam. Congratulations : ))

5/3/2018 Chuan and Ofir's paper describes a new method for gene delivery into the mouse bladder.

7/5/2017  New paper published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry explores how prostate luminal stem cells are specified.